Terms & Conditions

We have 5 school fair giveaways to win this Spring/Summer.

Each giveaway incudes:

  • Up to $300 worth (retail value) of Sushi Plus menu items

  • Packaging

  • Sushi Plus banner signage

  • Menu board with images

The following conditions apply to entrants:

  • School must be located within a 20 km radius of the Launceston CBD. 

  • The food must be transported, stored and handled in accordance with and compliant with the relevant Council Food Safety guidelines.

  • It is anticipated that the school fair will be attended by 300 plus patrons.

  • A representative(s) of the school will collect the giveaway from their nominated store between 2 and 4 pm on the day of the school fair.

  • The school agrees to display the Sushi Plus banner and menu board that we provide.

  • The school needs to provide their order at least 2 business days in advance of the collection day.

  • The school agrees to return the banner and menu board within 2 business days after the day of the school fair.

  • The entrant must be an employee or parents & friends committee member of the nominated school.

  • The school agrees to sell the food items at no less than the recommended retail price.

To Enter please complete the entry form at The 5 winning schools will be notified by email no earlier than 5pm Wednesday 01 September.   

Thanks for submitting!